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One Hit One Da


It's a One-Hit Bat That Fits Your Waterpipe!


  • Includes a Built-In Screen to Stop Ash!
  • Machined, Plated, & Assembled in the USA!
  • Patent Pending 


Finally! The next evolution of the classic one hitter smoking pipe has arrived. And this is nothing like your father's wooden dugout and one hitter cigarette bowl.

The OneHitOneDa is a new version of the one-hit smoking bats we've seen for decades. It's a solid brass bat; precisely machined, threaded. & plated in the USA.

The attached filter catches ash while it cools your smoke.

Slide your OneHitOneDa into your favorite water pipe for a smooth, measured hit.

The sturdy all-metal construction will be there for years of your smoking pleasure. It'll never shatter from a fall like other glass one hitters or other pipes.