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Node Xtract Nectar Collector - 10mm


Mouthpiece Stem, Dab it Unit, Quartz Tip, Titanium Tip, Dab Tray 100% American Made by DNA Glass

This pipe is the latest in dabbing technology at a great price.

Fashioned after the ground breaking Nector Collector, this Diffused Aqua Oil Collector Kit is the most efficient way to vaporize your oil and have complete control over the size.

The aqua chamber cools the vapor and provides some of the cleanest, smoothest rips you've ever had. 

The Diffused Aqua Oil Collector is pieced together in 3 parts: mouthpiece, water chamber, and tip. It fits together with glass on glass joints. When fully assembled, the unit measures about 13.5". It comes complete in an easy travel box for your convenience.

Dabbing has never been so easy. Heat the tip, dip, sip, enjoy!