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Mineral Wands


Mystic Timber Mineral Healing Bead Smoking Wands combine form, functionality, and the enduring friendship of special stones and minerals.

Formed within the earth, crystal minerals have long been associated with healing and medicinal use.  Employed by healers and worn by individuals, these minerals pass through our lives, facilitating a connection between you, the stone, and the greater field of energetic healing.

You choose the mineral for your smoking wand that resonates with a present area of concern in your life.  Besides acting to tune the energies in your life, the unique pattern of the stone replicates itself in the energy that guides your life—bringing you a reminder of the quality, or outcome, you desire every time you see it.

Some see minerals and crystals as merely rocks.  Others intuitively wonder about the pattern that made that rock just what it is—much like the life journey that has led you to now.

By choosing a special stone, and treating it with care and respect, you project your quest for guidance and support, into a bigger sphere.  Just as you work toward that sphere, it is working toward you, in the gentle reminder of a small gem affixed to the smoking wand in your hand.

Mineral Healing Bead Smoking Wands are a useful, durable tool—with something extra.  We use non-toxic lacquer on our embellished woods, to ensure your wand is friendly in every way.  Buy one special wand, or several, to enhance the atmosphere in your home and your energetic interaction with life.