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Whole Herbs Kratom Red Vein Bali


The significant effects of red Bali

The reason for red Bali to become so famous is the positive health effects of it.

This particular leaf type has high amounts of alkaloids in it which are responsible for these full effects to show up. The amazing quality of red Bali is that it provides multiple effects at a time.

It is not just for one reason, but the user will get more than one beneficiary effect from it. There are a total number of 25 alkaloids in red Bali, each of which is present in a unique proportion.

These 25 are only those alkaloids which are discovered yet; there are plenty of more which are still not known to researchers. Together all these alkaloids induce certain effects, some of which are as follows.

  • Analgesia; Red Bali, like all other red vein strains has a potential to act as a natural analgesic. The pain relief induced by red Bali is due to the unique composition of its alkaloids. It is equally compelling as the chemical based medicines that are available over the counter.

The difference between red Bali and other red strains is that it takes less dosage to show the analgesic effect.

A little amount as low a 2-3 grams starts the constant pain killing effect. For chronic pain, a higher number is more useful.

  • Sedation; The sedation by Bali leaves is unmatchable. Though not many people opt to use red leaves for sedation, those users who want a combination of effects are happy to feel it.
  • Relaxation; Stress relief and relaxation are what most of the red vein leaves are capable of doing. It relaxes the body and brain, reduces the extra burden of stress and induces an overall feeling of betterment.
  • Anti-anxiety potential; Anxiety is a much severe version of weight which is more serious and damaging. Red Bali leaves are helpful to reduce the anxiety by its stress relief and sedative functions. It is not a very potent strain for this particular reason, but the effects are significant.
  • Sleep regulation; Irregular sleeping habits are usually a side effect of stress and anxiety. For this, red Bali is an excellent sleep regulator. The sedative effect of its leaves is so peaceful that it relaxes the body to induce sleep. Eventually, after waking up, the sleep cycles are back in form and stress in under control.

The Benefits of Kratom

Historically, kratom has been used throughout Asia, and its popularity has expanded throughout the Western world over the past few decades. Many customers note that using kratom capsules can help reduce the adverse effects of some mood disorders while others have reported an overall improvement in awareness and mental functioning. There are additional reports of immune system improvement, reduced insomnia and pain relief for temporary or chronic pain symptoms. Overall, people especially enjoy the 100 percent natural components of this extract.

One way to find your ideal dosage is by starting small. Working with a smaller dose can help you build up to the correct amount to match your specific needs. There is also a variety of different strains and products that can be used for unique purposes.


Only for use as a botanical specimen. Mitragyna speciosa is an unapproved dietary ingredient. The manufacturers/re-sellers of this product, therefore, cannot advise on its use. Ingesting Mitragyna speciosa can be dangerous. Consult your physician about potential interactions, other possible complications, and precautionary measures before considering this product. By opening this package you accept full responsibility for the use of the product including but not limited to any adverse events or health complications. Inform your physician of the alkaloid content, labeled on the package. This product has been sterilized; all potential contaminants are removed for safety purposes. Manufacturers / Re-sellers assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product.  

Keep out of reach of children. NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS! 18+ Only.

Manufacturers / Re-sellers assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product.

Keep out of reach of children. 18+ Only.